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Statement of Faith

  • THE BIBLE is the complete and only divine revelation, inspired by the Holy Spirit.

  • GOD is eternally one. He is also eternally the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, the three being distinct but not separate.

  • CHRIST is both the complete God and the perfect man. He was divinely conceived in the womb of a human virgin, lived a genuine human life on earth, and died a vicarious and all-inclusive death on the cross. After three days He resurrected bodily and ascended to the heavens. He is now in glory, still fully God and fully man. He will return to reign over the earth in the millennium and in eternity.

  • THE SPIRIT, the third of the Trinity, is equally God. All that the Father has and is, is expressed by the Son; and all that the Son has and is, is realized as the Spirit.

  • MAN is unable to fulfill the requirements of God’s righteousness, holiness, and glory, and thus is in need of God’s salvation. Because of Christ’s death on the cross, which fulfilled all of God’s requirements, God forgives, justifies, and reconciles those who believe in Jesus Christ and His work.

  • THE BELIEVERS, based on Christ’s redemption, are regenerated by God with His Spirit that they may become His children possessing His life and nature. They enjoy a daily salvation in His Body in this age and the eternal salvation in the coming age and in eternity.

  • THE NEW JERUSALEM as the consummation of God’s salvation will be the mutual habitation of the redeeming God and His redeemed elect for eternity.

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New Testament Recovery Version

The New Testament Recovery Version is a comprehensive study Bible accurately translated from the original Greek text into modern English. It features extensive notes emphasizing the revelation of the truth, outlines of each book, cross-references, charts and maps, and more. Learn more

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Essential Truths Set

by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee

Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vols. 1-3 details the basic yet crucial elements of truth and practice for the Christian life. Learn more

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The Economy of God

by Witness Lee

In The Economy of God Witness Lee unveils the central revelation of the Bible - that God wants to impart Himself into man for His full expression in the church. In The Economy of God Lee clearly reveals the move of the Divine Trinity and gives believers practical ways to cooperate with Him for the fulfillment of His eternal plan. Learn more

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The All-Inclusive Christ

by Witness Lee

All of the types and figures found throughout the Old Testament present a wonderful view of our Savior Jesus Christ. One of the most significant yet overlooked types is the good land. In The All-inclusive Christ Witness Lee expounds portions of the book of Deuteronomy, showing that the land inherited by the children of Israel is a full type of Christ, who is our New Testament inheritance. Learn more

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The Glorious Church

by Watchman Nee

In The Glorious Church Watchman Nee discusses four significant representations of the church in the Bible: Eve in Genesis 2, the wife in Ephesians 5, the woman in Revelation 12, and the Bride in Revelation 21 and 22. Learn more

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The Knowledge of Life

by Witness Lee

In The Knowledge of Life Witness Lee illuminates the path that leads to life, beginning with regeneration and advancing to knowing the inward sense of life. Learn more

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